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AMC Rate Chart (Revised as on 01.04.2013)

We at PCNeT Solutions offer our customers great on-time service at the best rates. Please take a look at our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plans and choose the one, which suits you the best.
1 Year Plans

1 year Starter : Rs.899/-           -  4 on-demand service calls.# (Off-Site
                                                        support to be borne by the customer.)

1 year Normal : Rs.1199/-         -  No call limit. (Off-Site support to be 
                                                        borne by the customer)*

1 year Advanced : Rs.1499/-    -  No call limit. (All costs will be borne by us)*

2 Year Plans

2 year Advanced Rs.2399/-       -  No call limit. ( All costs will be borne by us)*

3 Year Plan

3 year PRO : Rs.3499/-                -  No call limit. (All costs will be borne by us)*

  • Calls must be booked beforehand to ensure service timely.
  • Calls will be entertained on all days except Sundays and holidays.
  • Calls will be entertained as per availability of technician/distance of technician from place of call. If technician is unavailable then the call will be forwarded the next day.
  • All calls will be attended to within a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours (Only in Kolkata). Outstation calls may take up to 72 hours.
  • Expenses of any parts will be borne by the Customer if any kind of fault is diagnosed.
  • If problem is diagnosed and the part is under warranty, then a minimum of 30 days may be taken to replace the part. (Depending upon the Principal Company. We will not be responsible for any delay for the same)
  • We will provide support to only those parts, which are purchased from us only. If the Customer wants us to provide support to those parts (if under warranty only) which are not purchased from us then extra charges will be levied depending on the product concerned.
  • Any kind of repairing of any hardware part (not under warranty) will be charged extra depending upon the kind of repairing to be carried out.
  • Backup (wherever possible) will only be provided for those parts, which are purchased from us. We can provide backup at the Customer's request, which will be charged extra depending upon the product concerned.
  • Support will only be given to the address (es) mentioned in the AMC. In case of change of address, it should be informed to us immediately. AMC rates may change depending upon the distance of the new location from the previous one.
  • In case of moving the computers in the (AMC) contract to a different location (inside or outside Kolkata), Customer will have to bear the dismantling, re-installation and testing charges as calculated and quoted by us.
  • Support will only be given for the computers that are mentioned in the contract. Any kind of extra work (e.g. Networking solutions, installation of any hardware that is not purchased from us, Date recovery jobs etc) will be charged accordingly.
  • If the Customer's or any third party's fault necessitates any kind of repairs or replacement, we reserve the right to make additional charges.
  • No third party technician/individual other than authorized PCNeT Solutions engineer/technician must perform any kind of service to any of the computers mentioned in this contract.
  • We will be entitled to terminate the AMC forthwith if Customer commits any breach of the terms & conditions referred to above.  Customer will not be entitled to any refund of service charges on termination.
  • All parts subject to availability. We will not be responsible for any delay for the same.


   ·    All plans are for home users and SOHO users with LAN up to 10 computers only.
   ·    * Any kind of faulty hardware change will be borne by customer.
   ·    1 Year Starter plan is only eligible for home users not having more than 3 computers at a
        single premises.
   ·    # Carry forward of calls not allowed.
   ·    Service available only in Kolkata.
   ·    The above rates may change without prior notice.